Sygnia Unites Every Team Around Their Customer Using Customer 360 from Salesforce

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How CloudSmiths Helped Make It Happen

CloudSmiths is a multi-award-winning Salesforce Partner. They believe in the power of technology to help you get closer to your customers. As a Salesforce partner, they deliver solutions that transform sales, marketing, and customer service. Their unique approach fuses business strategy, Salesforce expertise, and innovation to help customers achieve digital transformation success. Having completed over 350 CRM projects makes CloudSmiths the most experienced Salesforce Partner in Africa.

Headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, the Sygnia Group is a specialist financial services group focused on the provision of multi-management, index-tracking and administration solutions. They offer a wide array of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes pension funds, financial institutions, foundations, and individuals. Their multi-manager funds and specialist and balanced index-tracking funds are offered at the lowest management fees in South Africa, and they offer their clients a wide range of top-performing products, using either a multi-manager or an index-tracking approach. 

Collaboration with CloudSmiths

As a trusted advisor to Sygnia, CloudSmiths partnered with this Asset Management Financial Services company to improve their business with Salesforce Customer 360. After collaborating with CloudSmiths on their Sales Cloud implementation, Sygnia embarked on their Service Cloud project in 2021. 

Adding email-to-case solutions to enable Customer Service Managers to receive and respond efficiently to queries was one of the biggest benefits of the solution. In order to streamline customer service and improve response times, CloudSmiths helped Sygnia incorporate call logging and case creation from telephone calls. Salesforce reports and dashboards gave Sygnia the analytics and visibility needed for a marked improvement in their query response. 

“The customer identified a critical need for improved Service Delivery to support both internal and external clients. The Service Cloud solution proposed by CloudSmiths expanded on an existing integration into their core client database and allowed the ability to service clients efficiently in Salesforce providing a Single Source of Truth”. 

Jason Timm, Chief Executive Officer at CloudSmiths

Strategic Thinking

Salesforce has a wide variety of products and solutions in their portfolio, and Customer 360 is what ties them all together. Identifying that their industry needed a dramatic improvement in customer service, Sygnia knew mastering this would be a path to distinguishing their company. Customer 360 allows organisations to rally each of their teams around a common goal: focusing on the customer. Before implementing Salesforce, Sygnia’s retail division alone had only 19 consultants managing over 600 queries a day – shifting to Salesforce reinforced investor confidence in their ability to care for the whole customer experience. Quality is at the centre of the experience.

In its simplest terms, Customer 360 is the connection to all of your customers across online and offline efforts, and it offers the following invaluable benefits to every business:

Integrated Platform – With Customer 360, CloudSmiths can give their clients an easy-to-understand, shared view of their customers on a single system. With centralized data, customer information can be updated from various channels — in-store POS, ecommerce websites, or CRM.

Uniting Teams – Clients see greater business benefits by bringing all their teams together into shared workspaces, empowered with the right tools, and ready with the right data, allowing them to expand and deepen customer experiences. This increases upselling and cross-selling because service agents can make informed product suggestions based on a customer’s interaction history.

Increased Productivity – Clients see faster time to resolution for customer inquiries, thanks to the visibility of information, such as order status, order tracking, and historical purchase data.

The Solution

Using tools in Customer 360, Sygnia was particularly impressed by CloudSmiths’ industry knowledge and intimate understanding of their business. Sygnia expressed how effectively this knowledge translated into custom solutions to meet their business needs with the entire project completed within 6 months of initiation. CloudSmiths’ approach to Sygnia’s digital transformation has empowered Sygnia to deliver an optimised cyber security experience while improving its operational efficiencies for a sustainable, scalable business model. 

“I can truly say that they went above and beyond to ensure that we were satisfied with our Salesforce Service Cloud implementation. I highly recommend CloudSmiths and look forward to our future engagements with them.”

– Emile Bester, Head of Retail Service Operations at Sygnia Asset Management

Empowered employees provide better customer experiences

Customer 360 lightens the workload while doing some heavy lifting for businesses. When a business enables its employees to get a single, shared view of their customers, teams can provide better customer service by using knowledge of customer history, interests, and even frustrations. With Customer 360, CloudSmiths found they can provide clients with powerful solutions that improve their data, increase operational efficiency, and enable them to provide the experiences their customers want. This helps client teams cultivate loyalty, boost sales, and empower efficiency to get the job done.

The Outcome of Uniting Every Team Around The Customer

The results of Sygnia’s move to Customer 360 through CloudSmiths:

  • Increased first contact resolution
  • Standardised, streamlined, and efficient communication to clients
  • Improved SLA adherence and overall client experience

CloudSmiths continues to provide support, maintenance, and evolution services for Sygnia’s incident response ecosystem. Above all, CloudSmiths is continuing the partnership with Sygnia to realise the full Customer 360 by expanding across all business and functional units with a combined roadmap.

What This Means for You

Customer 360 scales to the specific needs of your business, no matter the size of your organisation. And all your data is on a secure, integrated platform, so every team can contribute to success from anywhere and rally around one goal: putting your customer first. If you’re interested in uniting every team around your customer with Salesforce, CloudSmiths is the partner to help lead the way.

See what Customer 360 can do for you

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