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We know Salesforce

Not only are we internal advocates of the Salesforce platform, but we are Africa’s most experienced partner and reseller. With over 350 CRM projects spanning 20 countries for multi-national and offshore clients, there is no better qualified team to help you succeed with Salesforce.

Consulting and Advisory

Salesforce Implementation

Managed Services and Support

Salesforce Development

Salesforce Licenses


Back Up and Data

Integration Services

Whether your company is already using Salesforce or just getting started, our certified professionals will help you get the most out of Salesforce to suit your business needs. Our Salesforce consulting team’s success lies in the effort we take to understand your business, customers, and industry to come up with a digital strategy to set you apart from your competition.

Our aim is to help you maximise your Salesforce ROI to drive sales, boost productivity and improve customer service – while cutting down operational costs and time-to-market. Our team of researchers, consultants and developers implement innovative solutions and create meaningful customer experiences that drive significant business impact.

Salesforce is a highly customisable and extendable CRM solution. In order to unleash its full potential, you need a powerhouse development team. Our ever-growing team boasts some of the best Salesforce developers across the globe. Their expertise lies in Salesforce custom development solutions to suit businesses across industries.

With a combined 200 years Salesforce experience, we have developed our own tried and tested framework called Anvil. Anvil is our home-grown tool upon which we forge all the development work we do for our clients. It is CloudSmiths’ unique approach to coding and it is essential to any Salesforce environment we work in.

What is Anvil?

It is a common repository of code which lays the foundation for a solid Salesforce implementation. From here, we build upwards to enhance your environment and to ensure there is continuity. It includes a rich reusable library of everything from elemental utilities to extensive functional features and UI components.

Anvil reduces the cost of implementation by providing pre-built components and reducing coding effort on custom components. Ultimately saving you time and money whilst ensuring quality, consistency and future maintainability.

Salesforce offers a wide array of licenses across all their Clouds.

As an authorised Salesforce reseller for Africa, we can help you determine which license types best suit your business, purchased directly through CloudSmiths.

Salesforce is constantly evolving, so staying on top of all the latest features and functions can be challenging without an experienced Salesforce Partner to help.

Our Managed Service and Support offering will help manage and evolve your Salesforce platform to make sure that you get the most from your investment. We believe ongoing high user adoption levels are underpinned by an effective and efficient support structure and collaborative user community. Our certified Salesforce consultants will become like an extension of your in-house team, focused on helping you maximise ROI and offering proactive Salesforce CRM support.

Let us manage Salesforce while you grow your business…

Outsourced Administration and Support

  • An extension of your team
  • Virtual Administration tasks
  • Leverage Out-Of-The-Box reports, deploy pre-configured reports, build 1 new report per month
  • Issue resolution for fundamental service issues

Integrations and Feature Updates

  • Help with existing packages & integrations
  • 3rd party support applications through AppExchange
  • Regular check-ins for continual optimisation
  • Release update management to improve org & plan for feature adoption

Org Maintenance

  • Annual Org Assessments
  • Security & Health Checks
  • Proactive Enhancement Services
  • Investigate and resolve issues proactively

Quickly get up and running with the best of the Salesforce suite, tailored to your business. Our team of Salesforce experts are dedicated to building high performing, scalable CRM solutions on the Salesforce platform. By helping our clients setup Salesforce with the best business apps available, we can build unique cloud solutions allowing them to sell, service and market effectively in a single and secure environment.

Partnering with us will connect you to expert advice for a successful implementation and guidance as you grow your business. We leverage our unique Service model to deliver high-quality Salesforce implementation services quickly and cost-effectively, at minimal risk to our clients. Whether you require a rapid deployment of a standalone Cloud or a larger integrated solution with deep customisation, CloudSmiths will help you achieve your business objectives.

CloudSmiths has been training clients on how to make best use of their Salesforce investment since 2008. Our trainers have successfully trained 1000’s of Salesforce users throughout the continent and have consistently evolved our packages based on the ever-changing Salesforce landscape and product offering.

Grow your team’s skill set so that they can optimise their Salesforce knowledge. Up-skilled users also improve adoption, which in turn allows for more streamlined management. CloudSmiths runs various training courses either on-site or in one of our newly built training rooms. Whether you are a small, medium or a large enterprise customer we have training strategy to suit your requirements.

We offer the following:

High Frequency Training

  • Super User (Train the Trainer)
  • Admin User Training
  • Lightning Experience Training
  • End User Training
  • Open Office Webinars
  • Salesforce Release Training

Managed Training

  • Share best practices and tips
  • Update users on new features of Salesforce and your custom solution
  • Provide a forum for users to ask any questions
  • Quarterly Salesforce demo based on new functionality in the eco system
  • Quarterly Online Bootcamp Training

Custom Training – We send trainers to your workplace to do one-on-one or group sessions, to fit your specific requirements.

myTrailhead Training

MyTrailHead is very similar to a learning management system (LMS) that you can customise to represent your company and your company’s brand. As Salesforce calls it, it is an “interactive learning platform”. The content on myTrailhead can also be customised to reflect the needs of your company. In addition to the material provided by Salesforce, you can create custom modules, trails, and trailmixes that contain content specific to your business, your values, and your design.

CloudSmiths offers a unique service whereby we assist with the correct myTrailhead strategy per department and persona.

  • This includes your implementation strategy
  • Course development and content
  • ROI and Tracking metrics to get the best out of the offering

In the digital era, Data is your most valuable commodity and should be treated as such.
Our Data Management capabilities ensure that your critical organisational data is kept safe and reliable while preventing dangerous errors from slipping through the cracks.

Being directly responsible for your company’s Salesforce instance can be a heavy burden, since any data loss ultimately falls on you. We partner with the number 1 Cloud Data Protection Platform for Salesforce – OwnBackup, to remove that pressure and fix data loss or corruption issues quickly

Unleash the full potential of Salesforce with CloudSmiths as your trusted advisor.