Enhancing Efficiency with Salesforce for Cafu

Enhancing CAFU’s Salesforce environment led to remarkable success, streamlining operations, enhancing customer experiences, and positioning CAFU as the top fuel delivery and time-saving vehicle services app.


We helped CAFU, the top fuel delivery and vehicle services app in Dubai, enhance their Salesforce environment and achieve remarkable success. By leveraging our expertise in Salesforce Field Service Cloud, we significantly enhanced their platform, resulting in streamlined operations and superior customer experiences. The collaboration led to optimised performance and increased operational efficiency. We implemented tailored solutions to address their specific needs, enabling seamless fuel delivery operations and positioning them as the number one app for fuel delivery in Dubai.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions earned us the status of the incumbent Salesforce partner. This trust and confidence allow us to continue supporting and enhancing their Salesforce environment, ensuring ongoing innovation and satisfaction. The success story of their rise in the competitive fuel delivery market highlights the power of a strong partnership between CAFU and CloudSmiths. Our expertise in Salesforce Field Service Cloud, combined with our dedication to delivering results, propelled CAFU to the forefront of the industry.


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