Driving Digital Transformation in partnership with Salesforce for Namibia Breweries

As enablement partners, CloudSmiths and Salesforce helped Namibia Breweries drive its digital transformation roadmap and unlock new opportunities to serve its customers better. 


Namibian Breweries (NBL) partnered with us to drive its digital transformation journey and enhance customer service capabilities. NBL faced challenges in delivering high-quality digital services and needed to overcome limitations posed by legacy systems. Working closely with us, NBL leverages Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to manage digital channels and ensure data accuracy and accessibility across commercial functions. This empowered their employees to create reports and dashboards independently, gaining valuable insights for business strategies. The implementation also included Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, allowing customers to place orders and manage accounts online.

“By leveraging Salesforce within our key business operations, we’ve streamlined and simplified how we serve our clients. CloudSmiths went above and beyond in their implementation efforts, exceeding our expectations. We look forward to working with them again in the future.”

We further integrated Aforza Consumer Goods Cloud to optimise their sales representatives’ site visits, task fulfilment, and route planning. This integration facilitated order capture even when offline, improving the efficiency of sales operations. The partnership resulted in significant achievements for NBL. The digital storefront significantly contributed to overall sales and revenue growth, with increased customer adoption and improved customer experience. The streamlined sales activity and enhanced reporting capabilities led to improved employee productivity. NBL continues to leverage Salesforce to manage its operations effectively.


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