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Improved Client Delivery Strategy for Prescient Fund Services

Prescient Fund Services implemented a custom Sales Cloud solution with the help of CloudSmiths and Salesforce, streamlining sales, operations, and client relationships while creating a central hub of information for efficient data management and reporting.

We implemented a custom Salesforce Sales Cloud solution, enabling them to systemise sales, operations, and business development, streamline client relationships and workflows, and create a central hub of information for efficient data management and reporting. The project included the migration of existing data and contact details from multiple sources to the new system and the creation of a "single source of truth" for up-to-date client information. The Sales Cloud platform provided features for client engagement, reporting, and mobile access, and we proved to be a reliable and knowledgeable partner throughout the implementation. 

“It’s critical that our project partner understands the basics of what we provide, that Funds Under Administration in our world is very different to Funds Under Management in the Investment Management world. We’ve had an excellent experience with CloudSmiths as a partner.” - Hayden Reinders, Head of Business Development

They have successfully utilised the platform for client delivery, with plans to further enhance functionality, scalability, and proactive client management in the future. Through this partnership, they have achieved improved efficiency, data visibility, and decision-making capabilities, transforming their manual information system into a powerful network hub.


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