March 16, 2023

Meet Flo

Flo the Flying Squirrel: Salesforce's Newest Automation Suite Mascot

Meet Flo

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Salesforce has introduced a new character, Flo, the flying squirrel, to represent its automation suite, Salesforce Flow. Flo embodies the positive characteristics of automation, especially in the era of remote work and digital collaboration. 

Salesforce has just announced a new member to their family of characters, and it’s none other than Flo, the flying squirrel. The character represents the company’s automation suite: Salesforce Flow. Flo, just like the automation tool, is agile, hardworking, and always ready to take your team to new heights. According to Yvette Henderson, Senior Project Manager for Salesforce Platform, “We took a tech product and gave it a real-life persona.” 

From initial brainstorming to Office of Equality approvals, the process of creating Flo was deliberate. The character brings together positive characteristics that make automation even more lovable. Flo is collaborative, resilient, hardworking, and reliable. Through Flo, businesses can learn how automation can help them reach new heights, become more productive, and create a unified community. 

In addition to the positive impact on collaboration, resilience, hard work, and reliability, automation also has a significant impact on the bottom line. By automating repetitive tasks, businesses can save time and money while reducing errors and improving accuracy. This allows teams to focus on higher-level tasks that require critical thinking and creativity, ultimately leading to increased innovation and growth. 

Moreover, with the rise of remote work and digital collaboration, automation has become an essential tool for teams to stay connected and productive from anywhere. Flo embodies this spirit of digital collaboration and community, helping teams work seamlessly together even when they are physically apart. 

Flo is a powerful symbol of the benefits of automation and how it can help businesses and teams reach new heights. With its positive attitude, tireless work ethic, and collaborative spirit, Flo is sure to inspire Salesforce users to explore the full potential of automation and Salesforce Flow.     

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