December 20, 2022

Data analytics in action

Three ways CloudSmiths has helped businesses using data analytics

Data analytics in action

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Data runs our lives whether we want to admit it or not. Businesses are increasingly using data to improve operations at every level. Data allows you to understand your customers better, make faster decisions, streamline operations, and optimise advertising activities, amongst other things. To reap the benefits from data, you need data analytics. In this post, I will give a brief overview of data analytics and some use cases.


Put simply, data analytics is the process whereby raw data is inspected, cleaned, transformed and modelled to discover insightful information. Data analytics itself is hardly new, but the tools we use to achieve it are changing and improving almost on a yearly basis. New advances in AI, cloud and IoT interconnectivity allow companies to enrich their data with a wide variety of new sources and apply powerful modern analytics to their legacy systems. Here are some of the data analytics solutions we’ve built for our customers:


Fleet Management

Fleet management involves the management of commercial and specialised vehicles to optimise costs, manage risks, and improve operational efficiency. Other associated functions include vehicle financing, maintenance, tracking and diagnostics, as well as driver, speed and fuel management.  

With data analytic tools, companies can monitor data and activity as it happens with real-time data streaming. One company that has employed data analytics for fleet management is SA Taxi

CloudSmiths provided SA Taxi with a live view of activity for more than 22 000 vehicles across its customer’s network. Furthermore, they now have a speedy, real-time platform that adapts to the changing needs of the company with endless data analytics opportunities. Read the case study here.

Improved Decision Making

Data analytics can eliminate the guesswork involved in some decision-making processes. Furthermore, you can speed up the decision-making process by automating your company’s reporting process like Jaguar Land Rover South Africa.

JLRSA, working with CloudSmiths, employed a fast and automated reporting solution with Google Cloud. By transforming how its data is analysed, presented and accessed, JLRSA now has the decision-making agility its innovative business demands. Instead of out-of-date, error-prone data presented in inflexible formats, decision-makers across the business can explore real-time, accurate and relevant data at the touch of a button. Read the case study here.

Improved Operational Efficiencies 

Data analytics can be used to streamline your business operations, save money, and even improve workplace safety. Companies can forecast and predict outcomes with greater precision using data analytics. 

For example, AngloAmerican is using data analytics to maintain compliance and safety standards at mines. Using Google Cloud solutions, they can now gather and process thousands of forms a day, flag risks and give teams access to the data they need. Read the case study here

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