December 20, 2022

10 third-party apps for Google Workspace we recommend you try

Our favourite third-party Google Workspace intregrations

10 third-party apps for Google Workspace we recommend you try

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Google Workspace allows organisations to tailor their workspace to best fit their needs with 3rd-party applications. Here are some of our favourites. 

If you or your organisation uses Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite), you’re in luck–Google Workspace Marketplace is home to a wide variety of free and paid-for third-party apps to tailor your experience. It brings together all of the third-party communication, collaboration, and productivity tools you know and love right into one integrated workspace. Google allows you to use these apps to customise your workspace to best fit your needs by allowing outside organisations or individuals to securely offer their applications to you at the click of a button. 

As Google Premier Partners, we understand that every customer’s needs are different, and as a result, we have compiled a list of some of our favourite Google Workspace integrations.   

1. Salesforce Connector 

The first integration we would recommend is Salesforce Connector. This integration allows you to import reports or custom data queries from Salesforce into Sheets or make changes to Salesforce directly from Sheets.

This Sheets add-on allows four different operations with your Salesforce data:

  • Pull in a Salesforce report;
  • Import Salesforce data based on a custom query or SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language);
  • Insert / Update changes made in the Sheet to Salesforce;
  • Refresh data in sheets manually or on a regularly scheduled interval; and,
  • Delete data from Salesforce.

Rating on marketplace: 4.1/5.

Works with: Sheets.

Price: Free.

2. Salesforce Essentials

Another integration we love is Salesforce Essentials. It lets you tap into the power of Salesforce to build stronger customer relationships with a combined sales and support CRM for small businesses that is easy to use, set up, and maintain. Since Essentials is built on the world's #1 CRM platform, complete with a mobile app, small businesses can start working from anywhere, knowing they have the tools to collaborate and stay connected to customers. 

Rating on marketplace: 4.7/5.

Works with: Google Workspace.

Pricing: Free 14-day trial, then $25 per user/month.

3. Docusign

Signing documents electronically has been a real game-changer for us at CloudSmiths. We can generate and sign agreements conveniently from Gmail, Drive, or Docs through this add-on. 

What else can you do with this integration:

  • Sign and send documents for e-signature directly in Gmail, Drive, and Docs;
  • Boost security, privacy, and efficiency with integrated workflows between Google and DocuSign eSignature; and,
  • DocuSign’s basic features include eSignature, document routing, and mobile app access.

Rating on marketplace: 4/5.

Works with: Drive, Docs, and Gmail.

Pricing: Free trial, then $20 per user/month. 

4. Lucidchart

This is a personal favourite of ours! Lucid claims to be the only visual collaboration suite that helps teams see and build the future from idea to reality. It is an intelligent diagramming app that will empower your team to clarify complexity, align their insights, and build the future. It makes it effortless to collaborate with colleagues as you visualise complex ideas. With Lucidchart, you can create flowcharts, UMLs, ERDs, BPMN, wireframes, mockups, network diagrams, org charts, and more.

In Lucidchart, since the process is automated, you spend less time diagramming and more time visualising solutions.

Rating on marketplace: 4/5.

Works with: Drive, Docs, Slides, and Sheets.

Pricing: Free with paid features from $9 per user. 

5. Kami 

Don’t be fooled; this classroom helper will improve the way you and your colleagues collaborate.  Kami for Office is your digital pen and paper where you and your colleagues can learn, create, and collaborate. 

Kami allows you to share PDFs, images or other printable documents with your colleagues and enables shared annotating and comments in real time. You can highlight, underline, or insert text without having the original source document. 

It is great for reviewing final document proofs and for giving feedback and suggestions on documents created by colleagues or other organisations. Other features include signing, splitting and merging documents, drawing, and much more! 

Rating on marketplace: 4.4/5

Works with: Drive.

Pricing: Free basic plan or from $10 per user/month.

6. Trello for Gmail

Keep your Trello boards and your inbox connected for maximum productivity.  It’s easy, just open a message in Gmail, then click the Trello icon to get started.

Turn your emails into to-do’s in Trello with a single click, and finally get down to inbox zero. Don’t miss a thing as subject lines become card titles, and email bodies are automatically added as card descriptions.  

Whether you are tracking sales leads, managing customer feedback, or organising an event, the Trello Add-On for Gmail is the easiest way to ensure nothing important gets lost.

Rating on marketplace: 3.8/5

Works with: Gmail.

Pricing: Trello has a free basic plan or a paid version from $5 per user/month.

7. Adobe Creative Cloud

Let your creative, marketing, and product teams collaborate on designs, work more efficiently, ensure creative consistency, and keep teams in sync with the Adobe Creative Cloud for Google Workspace. 

The integration lets you search Creative Cloud to find the assets you need then attach link previews to synced files, Libraries, and Mobile Creations right from Gmail. Additionally, you can save any attachment received in Gmail back to Creative Cloud to the folder of your choice.

Rating on marketplace: 4.4/5

Works with: Gmail, Docs, and Slides.

Pricing: $91 per user/month.

8. Hive

This all-in-one project management tool helps teams stay on track effortlessly. Files stored in Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive can be accessed from a single page, and users can attach files to actions or drag-and-drop them into messages to share with team members. 

It also has a Slack integration which allows direct access to channels and direct messages, drag-and-drop action sharing, and an /action command for creating and assigning new actions.

Rating on marketplace: 4.8/5

Works with: Drive, Docs, and Sheets. 

Pricing: Free basic plan or $12 per user/month.

9. Miro

The Miro integration allows you to collaborate with your team visually from anywhere. You can attach a Miro board to your Calender event to help prepare for meetings and ensure all resources are made available before the event. Brainstorm, ideate, and create right from Meet. Import files from Docs, Sheets, and Slides directly into a Miro board with automatic synching and easy editing from within Miro. you can also upload documents and files, save boards, and open new boards from within Drive. 

Rating on marketplace: 4.5/5

Works with: Drive, Meet, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Calendar. 

Pricing: Free.

10 Gfycat GIFs for Gmail

Last but not least, Gfycat GIFs for Gmail. We thought the final one should be more light-hearted. As the name suggests, this add-on allows users to add GIFs to their emails. You can easily and quickly find and share GIFs from within Gmail to show your team how you’re really feeling! 

Rating on marketplace: 4.2/5

Works with: Gmail. 

Pricing: Free.

Whether you want GIFs in your emails or to create complex but beautiful charts, Google Workspace Marketplace has the app for you. Contact us today to find out how we can level up your workspace with Google Workspace.

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