Live Tracking with Google Cloud for SA Taxi

SA Taxi partnered with us to develop a real-time data and analytics solution hosted on Google Cloud, replacing batch processing with stream processing, enabling better fleet monitoring, risk management, and operational performance.

Google Cloud
South Africa

SA Taxi faced delays in accessing real-time data from vehicle tracking devices, hindering their ability to monitor driver adherence and respond to infractions. To address this, they partnered with us to implement a data and analytics solution. They replaced batch processing with real-time stream processing using Google Cloud Dataflow and Google Pub/Sub, feeding data into a BigQuery data warehouse. 

A user dashboard was built using tools like Apache Solr and Vue.js, providing real-time search, filter, and analytical capabilities. The system allows analysts monitor and manage the fleet in real-time, improving operational performance and risk management by identifying fraud, theft, and driver compliance issues promptly. 

The solution, hosted on Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine, enables easy access to important data from anywhere, facilitating better decision-making and enhancing vehicle and passenger safety. They now have a scalable and future-proof data infrastructure that supports their growing fleet and unlocks new possibilities for innovation.


Google Cloud Dataflow

Google Pub/Sub


Apache Solr

Google App Engine

Google Compute Engine